Spotlighting and diving into the fastest-growing companies across retail & eCommerce.

Founded in 2021, Zepto is an Indian instant grocery delivery service that raised $160M within 6 months of launch.
Founded in 2019, Whatnot has raised over $220M to bring the livestreaming shopping phenomena from the East to the West
Among the fastest growing German startups, Gorillas is a a quick-commerce grocery delivery service which has scaled to a $3.1B valuation in less than 2…
Founded in 2020, Wholee has received over 6m downloads globally for its app-based marketplace connecting consumers with manufacturers.
Founded in 2018, Misfits Market has raised over $500M to eradicate food wastage by selling fresh food that has been rejected by retail buyers
Founded in 2019, CityMall is a social eCommerce platform in India that has raised over $110 Million.
In under 3 years, Cazoo built a leading online car dealership that was valued at over $8 Billion at its peak
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