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Founded in 2021, Zepto is an Indian instant grocery delivery service that raised $160M within 6 months of launch.
Founded in 2019, Whatnot has raised over $220M to bring the livestreaming shopping phenomena from the East to the West
Among the fastest growing German startups, Gorillas is a a quick-commerce grocery delivery service which has scaled to a $3.1B valuation in less than 2…
In under 3 years Ankorstore has achieved a $2B valuation building a B2B marketplace in Europe
Founded in 2020, Wholee has received over 6m downloads globally for its app-based marketplace connecting consumers with manufacturers.
Founded in 2018, All Day Kitchens partners with restaurants to expand their access to more customers via satellite ghost kitchens
Founded in 2018, Misfits Market has raised over $500M to eradicate food wastage by selling fresh food that has been rejected by retail buyers
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